Entertaining the people of Kitimat since 1956.

The town of Kitimat sprang into being in 1954 and the Kitimat Concert Association was formed and started presenting concerts by the Fall of 1956. We have presented a varied concert season every year since then. Take a moment and check out our Concert History. 

We work with other presenters in the Northwest to develop artist’s tours. Being a small community at the end of a long road, we work with other presenting communities to provide sufficient performances to make a tour possible for entertainers and to share transportation costs.

We are a member of the BC Touring Council and we use the connections we make through that organization to find shows that are willing to tour to the remote areas of the province.

The Kitimat Concert Association has won the BC Touring Council’s “Presenter of the Year” award twice since 2000. In 2001 it was presented to Heather Lundstrom, when she was President and in 2017 it was presented to Michael and Hazel Jeffery, when Michael was president.

Our Directors are a hard working group of volunteers, who make the presentation of the concerts seem effortless.

Our directors for 2019-2020

Michael Jeffery
I have been a member of the Kitimat Concert Association since 2000 and President since 2006. I am committed to having a wide variety of performances in our concert seasons. I enjoy all genres of music, as well as theatre, comedy, ballet and even shows that don’t fit neatly into a category. I like to present artists that are new to our audiences and also bring back those that made an impression when they were here before.

Tomas Bilina
I have been a resident of Kitimat since 1980, a director of KCA since 1998, and its treasurer since 2002. I like hiking, sailing, and traveling, books and music. Being involved with presenting live arts is for me just a very rewarding way of contributing to the quality of life in our small community which, in my opinion, is second-to-none.

Anna-Marie Carstens
I have been the KCA's Made in BC - dance on tour Community Engagement Facilitator since 2006. Later, I became a director and continued to facilitate workshops for local dancers and community members with visiting dance companies (contemporary, ballet, hip-hop, etc.) I have always enjoyed a variety of performing arts, so the KCA feels like home to me. It is a joy working with Michael and the KCA Board. It is a privilege to meet artists and help them feel welcome in our community. Many can't wait to return to Kitimat, because we are known for our hospitality. I hope we'll continue to bring stellar entertainment to Kitimat for many years to come. 

Hazel Jeffery
I have been a season ticket holder since 2000 and became a director in 2002. I discovered I enjoy all types of performing arts. One of the wonderful aspects of being a director is going down to the BC Touring Councils conference and seeing the many showcases of the artists. The hard part is just picking 8 out of about 50 shows. I find it very rewarding when someone comes up to me and says how much they enjoyed the show and being a director is like being part of one big happy family.

Linda Thomson
I have been a Board member of the Concert Association since 2002. Meeting all the different performers is a whole lot of fun, but so is the rest of the job. I really believe that by helping to bring live performing arts to Kitimat I am making an important contribution to our commmunity. Sadly we have to buy our season passes just like everyone else, LOL.

Moreno Guizzo
I love the theatre for many reasons. It is an escape from the sometimes sour realities of life and it is an avenue to explore our own creative potential. Volunteering with the Kitimat Concert Assn. is rewarding and a way to contribute to our community. I find that attending a theatre performance is beneficial as an entertaining way to spend an evening and a way to extend my own horizons. 

Margaret Irvine
I have been a director of the Kitimat Concert Association since 1991. As archivist I have compiled many albums of our concerts, our receptions and all our activities. For the past several years, I have also done the stage announcements.

Cyndi McIntosh
I am a native Kitimatian and love music of all kinds. I been with the Association for more years than I can remember and the fun has made those years fly by. Working with these great people is a joy. Over the years I have held a few positions. Currently I am the one sending out the emails and selling tickets in the lobby. 
Being a Season Ticket holder I have been exposed to a variety of entertainment that I would not have seen if not for this group and what I have found is that the concerts I enjoy the most are the ones I thought I wouldn’t! This is a comment I have heard many times! So glad I have a season ticket!

Kathleen Jeffry
I have been a member of the Kitimat Concert Association off and on since 2007 and have recently taken over the Sponsorship Chair. I have always felt that the KCA is like a family. Going to the wide variety of performances that we present has opened my horizons and I have found that I like things I never thought that I would. I'm looking forward to the 2019/2020 season with all it's beautiful variety.

Libby Bizarro
Theatre and music have always been big loves of mine. From sitting in the MET for the first time at 9, I knew I needed to be involved in the theatre world. Over the years I have performed on that stage and sold many tickets for varying shows, now I am very excited to get involved with the Kitimat Concert Association.

Doug Thomson
I've been a director with the Concert Association since, wow, 2002. Mostly my job is to do the website, programs, posters and season brochure. All and all it is a fun job. The Concert Association directors are a fun bunch and what could be more rewarding than bringing great talent to the citizenry of Kitimat?